filmmaker & videographer

(my company, 

Movoly Productions)


My name is Brian Rose, and telling stories is my passion. Ever since a young age with the family video camera, I've been obsessed with capturing life with the moving image. This obsession has turned into a life long mission to share stories with the world. 


Over the past seven years, I've been professionally creating quality motion pictures for a wide variety of clients, in addition to my own independent creative work. My freelance work includes producing advertisements, wedding videos, corporate videos, web videos, PSAs, and music videos. Past and present clients include Global Health College, The Town of Herndon, and Skills USA. I've also produced much content for cable television, most recently being Frameworks, a show I co-created and directed featuring acclaimed artists from the Washington, DC area. 


I've been fortunate in that my creative work has garnered awards at film festivals and has given me the opportunity to travel the country to share my films. 


I spend my time studying and working in the Washington, DC area, so if you're interested in my services please don't hesitate to let me know!

Aside from that, I'm proudly an Eagle Scout and a 3rd degree black belt.


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